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Managing Partner & Founder


Financial wreck at the height of our career or business due to some decisions we made previously or sometimes not due to our fault, is heart- wrenching and stressful. I was not discounted from it and was the biggest reason why I decided to get involved in the Financial Services entrepreneurship journey. 

I am a Talent Coach for people who are ready to be empowered to make positive life and wealth changes. My passion is not only to see their wealth grow but also having the time with their family and taking away their fear of losing their job every time recession come knocking. 

I helped them in 3 ways:

1. Discover their Unique Self and carved out their Unique Personal Development Journey. 
2. Provide them with a Unique Client Centric strategies. 
3. Provide them with a positive environment to fulfill their Life Purpose. 

I am also a Financial Coach in a fastest growing financial advisory firm in Malaysia. For the past 22 years, I have the joy in helping many people with their life and wealth planning, especially busy families, singles and business owners. With my proprietary strategies and advice, they now have clarity, crisis-proof and take better control over their financial future. Life and wealth planning is never about buying products but proper application of wealth strategies and wisdom.

Lawrence Tan Sau Poh, RFP

License Financial Planner

3x MDRT with 1 COT

2x Supremacy Experience Summit

11x Supremacy Summit

Top Regional Supervisor 2006

Top 25 National Rookie Supervisor 2016

Top 10 Regional Supervisor 2017




Being involved in the growing up years of our children and growing our career at the same time is a dream a mother can ask for!

Being an ex-banker and a mother of three, I took the leap of faith 9 years back working towards building my career and at the same time buying back my time to be involved in my children's growing up years. A journey which I did not regret!

Today, besides having the joy of helping busy families plan for their financial journey and afterlife preparation, I too have the freedom to plan my own financial journey!

Lee Sun Sun

Life Planning Advisor

Estate Planning Practitioner


4x Supremacy Summit

Great Master Leo 2013

Great Pro Leo 2014


Ahmad Badruddin Makter

Associate Director

Master of Consistency 2020

Sebagai ex-banker, saya melihat bidang perancang kewangan adalah satu platform serampang dua mata, dimana dapat membantu kawan-kawan dan ahli keluarga merancang kehidupan serta memberi saya ruang untuk mengasah minat saya dalam bidang kesukarelawan.

Real Dreams adalah satu firma unik yang menggabungkan kepakaran, pengalaman dan kepelbagaian bidang yang diceburi sebagai satu kelebihan kepada ahlinya dalam memberikan servis terbaik kepada pelanggan.

Saya tidak memilih firma yang lebih besar kerana ingin bersama-sama menyumbang ke arah kejayaan firma ini pada masa depan.


As an ex-hotelier, I have the joy in assisting friends and family members to get a proper advice by making the right choice when it comes to purchasing insurance and investments.

Real Dreams had help me to perform my duties through their training system, experience, methods and mindset sharing.

Wee Chin Teng

Associate Director

Top 3 Rookie Risk Advisor (Regional) 2015

Top Wealth Management Advisor 2020